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Bree Clarke

Age: 31
Height: 158cm
Profession: Factory Worker & Student
Sponsored By: Mass Nutrition Wagga Wagga

Tell us a little about yourself: Ive been in my current job for 10 years and have recently taken on the position of a backup WHSO. I’m currently studying my Cert IV in Human Resources. I love to travel and have been to Uganda, Thailand, Bali and visited the Philippines three times.

When/Why did you begin you fitness Journey: Approx 1.5yrs ago I started. I wanted to improve my health and fitness level.

What helps motivate you to achieve your fitness goals: The drive to always want to improve myself.

What are some of your Interests or Hobbies: Pole dancing, travelling, competing, seeing friends.

How often do you Train? On season I’ll train everyday, off season I’ll train 5-6 days a week.

Example of your Nutrition: A lot of chicken, red meat, fresh veggies and carbs for on season and off season ill still eat 90% clean but I wont restrict myself if I’m craving something naughty.

What’s your Favourite cheat meal? Waffles!!

What are you are your future plans, goals and career expectations: I plan to keep competing and see how far I can go with it, I would like to travel more internationally and I would like pursue a career in HR.

What is the best advice you can give: Love yourself, you only get one body and one chance at health. If your body breaks down you cant trade it in for a new one so treat it well.

Your favourite inspirational quote: Anything is possible.

What Supplements do you use and why: Protein, Glutamine, L-Carnitine & Alpha Prime.

People you would like to thank: Mass nutrition Wagga, My coach Jimmy (Team Rise Above), Posing coach Tarsha Pranoto and all those who have believed in and supported me.

Achievements/ Competition History: ICN rookies in March ’18 & WBFF GC in May ’18