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Gorilla Warfare Silverback- Jungle Raspberry / 30 Serves

Gorilla Warfare Silverback- Jungle Raspberry / 30 Serves

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350mg natural caffeine from “GTE – Green Tea Energy”.

This is equivalent to approximately 5.5 shots of coffee or over 4 redbulls. The natural form of caffeine is much smoother than synthetic – it takes longer to come on – about 30 minutes, lasts longer, and drops off slower, with no crash!
2.5g GlycerPump™ -

65% glycerol powder and one of the hottest selling pump ingredients in the world today. Glycerol causes muscles to draw in more water resulting in a hyperhydration and massive pumps.
5g Creatine -

The International Society of Sports Nutrition proposes that Creatine is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes for increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass.
It's safe for short term and long term usage.
5g dosage is sufficient to both build and maintain enhanced creatine saturation in the muscle
2.5g Beta Alanine -

Acts as an intracellular pH buffer,
Improve exercise performance
Lowers fatigue
2.5g HMB

The International Society of Sports Nutrition's stand on HMB:
Enhances recovery for both trained and untrained people
Best consumed around time of workout
Increases lean body mass and decreases fat mass
More studies:
Increases IGF-1 and Growth Hormone
Makes athletes slimmer, fitter, and faster