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Maxine's Night

Maxine's Night

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Slow Release Blend

The slow release blend combines 3 types of protein with 2 being casein and the third being whey protein concentrate. A whey/casein blend has been found to be the most effective blend of protein for minimising muscle breakdown while simultaneously improving muscle repair.

Casein is also known for its appetite suppressive effects, of which it begins to thicken in the presence of liquid and can help enhance the feeling of fullness back to the brain in order to blunt hunger.

Fat Burning Complex

Due to the nature of taking this protein at night, the fat burning complex utilises stimulant free extracts and amino acids to ensure fat breakdown, delivery and utilisation can be optimised while you rest and recover.

Calming Herb Blend

Using ancient chinese medicine, chamomile and skullcap have been added to this blend as they are said to improve a feeling of wellbeing while also reducing excitation and increasing a sense of calmness.

Vitamin and Mineral Blend

The Vitamin and Mineral Blend ensures your nutrient diversity and density is maintained despite consuming fewer nutrients on a calorie controlled diet, which helps support a longer, richer, healthier life.