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Red Dragon Dragon's Breath / 40 Serves

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If you have had a big day at work or university and you need to get to the gym to rip through your session, Dragon’s Breath by Red Dragon Nutritionals is the pre-workout for you. This premium pre-workout supplement has a combination of scientifically formulated ingredients to support pump and energy requirements when you need the most.

The blend of ingredients in Dragon’s Breath will help you power through a hard session with the pump, energy and focus needed to get through. Don’t have average workouts anymore get in the gym and get it done!

When you have Dragon’s Breath by Red Dragon Nutritionals, you will:
  • Get through your workouts with the pump needed to enhance your body composition goals
  • Support focus - stay in the zone and rip through your session so you can smash your goals out
  • Support energy requirements
  • Consume the right combination of ingredients for plenty of stamina to power through the hardest sessions
  • Support body composition goals when you combine this product with the right diet and exercise plan

Dragon’s Breath by Red Dragon Nutritionals has a fully transparent label with researched backed dosages, so you can bring the heat and ignite your workouts. You will know exactly what’s in each scoop of this product. Leave nothing in the tank when you take this pre-workout supplement. This product will provide you with the pump needed for the ultimate session.