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10, 9 and 8 Weeks Out!

Sorry guys for the late postings of my blogs, the last couple of weeks have been really busy!

WEEK 10:

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I ended up losing 3kg due to lack of eating and being able to keep anything down because of what we thought was food poisoning. I think in that time all I ate was toast with peanut butter and cornflakes, and even eating those things was a struggle.

After a slow recover and a week off training and eating properly we (my partner and I) finally got back into the swing of things. Just in time for FitX.

The weekend we spent down in Melbourne for Fitx was amazing.. I was so glad that we were starting to feel better because we managed to squeeze in a couple of training sessions at Doherty’s gym in Brunswick, where Phill Health and Larissa Reis also happened to be training at the same time.. Both my partner and myself had our chins on the ground when we saw Phill Heath walk in the room.. wow!

Again like I said in my last blog before I went down to FitX I was already feeling pretty soft and pathetic. So you can imagine what I’m feeling like after all the running around and missing out on a lot of decent meals from the weekend in Melbourne. The lack of training, especially cardio really started to get to me and mentally I was thinking that I wasn’t on track at all. It’s crazy how a week off training can affect your mental state of mind and make you believe your falling behind even though my body probably needed the rest.

Anyway enough about that, training eating for the rest of the week went back to normal and I finally got to add in properly the morning cardio that Luke wanted me to start doing. The 3kg of weight I lost was only fluid and I managed to pack it back on pretty quick.


Nothing much has happened during this week, training is the same – 30 min cardio in the morning, weights in the afternoon followed by 20 min cardio (5 days a week). I’m not used to waking up and exercising early in the morning and working during the day and then going to the gym afterwards so by the end of the night I’m pretty tired and am falling straight to sleep straight, which is good! My sleeping patterns are still improving, I’m waking up once or twice in the early mornings but I feel as though I’m getting a deeper sleep which is great :)

At the end of week 9 I started to get pretty sleepy with all the training and working so school holidays couldn’t have come at a better time! This week I’ve really tried to focus on catching up on sleep and three nights in a row I even managed to sleep all the way through which hasn’t happened in a VERY long time! THANKS Coach McNally, all your tips and help with adjusting my bad sleeping patterns is finally starting to pay off!

Another thing I wanted to focus on this week was posing and sorting out my 90 second routine. Everyone I’ve talked to about posing says how hard it is and they are all right! Posing is just as hard as a workout, especially in HEELS! I trip over my own feet when I wear runners and I’m pretty clumsy already so trying to pose and not fall over while depleted (in front of an audience) is going to be a funny sight to see.

This week I also had another Biosignature Assessment done by coach McNally and am now sitting at 62.8kg at around 11% body fat. My hammies have FINALLY started to come down which is exciting and even McNally was excited (he’s probably shaking his head right now reading this) because he let out an excitable ‘YAY’ after he did the measurement…in a ‘manly’ way of course.

At the beginning I was 64kg with just over 12% bf, it’s not huge but I can definitely notice the difference. I’m aiming to be around 6-8% body fat on stage so I’ve still got a lot more work to do. I’ve had a few setbacks in the last couple of weeks but I’m determined as ever to get there!

EmJ xx