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14 & 13 weeks Out (19th feb - 26th feb): The change from ‘sports model’ to ‘figure’

Week 14 and 13 have been so busy and full of organizing things for university so I apologise for my late blogs! As I mentioned in my last blog I started my new diet a couple off days after the Biosignature assessment with Luke. So far I’m loving my refreshing breakfast (150g of lean protein, 20g of raw nuts and 100g of blueberries). It’s a huge change for me as I would normally have my warm oats with protein, banana and blueberries but I’m loving the change because now I’m not feeling so bloated and sluggish like I normally would. However, I do believe Luke is punishing me for not getting enough sleep by making me drink an L-Carnitine mix (GPLC, L-Carnitine tartrate, Acetyl-carnitine) with Vital Greens in water before breakfast. I’ve never tasted dirty socks before but I imagine that’s what it tastes like. In saying this I have all faith in Luke to guide me in the right direction so every morning I suck it up and drink my ‘dirty sock water’.

My diet now consists of protein and essential fats for every meal and no carbohydrates (except for my post workout shake). I will be getting protein from tuna, chicken, beef, lamb, kangaroo and salmon. The fats that are now incorporated in my diet come from raw nuts (cashews, macadamias and almonds) and coconut butter/oil.

The supplements I am using at the moment throughout the day include:

  • Zinc: 3 times a day (because I’m low in zinc)
  • Magnesium: With my last 2 meals
  • Fish oil: With every meal
  • Multivitamins: 2 times a day

My diet and supplements at this stage are shown in the photo which is also posted on my Facebook page.

Although I believe my body runs really well on just fats and protein, the first week of my diet was very different for me without carbs throughout the day especially for breakfast. It wasn’t a bad week though, I think mentally I thought I wouldn’t have any energy because of the lack of carbs but towards the second week I started to get used to the thought of my body running on fats. Luke suggested having a cheat meal every 5 days to shock/reset my body and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it… well properly anyway! I ate peanut-butter on toast and instantly felt bloated and sick and couldn’t wait to get back to my meat, nuts and blueberries the next morning. I really do love eating like a carnivore and I know MN girl Natika Leanne loves it too.

My new diet and supplement regime has made me feel so much more refreshed and not being so bloated is a huge bonus for me. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my sleeping patterns (which used to be horrible) and I think Luke might be wondering how I grew muscle in the first place with the amount of no sleep I usually get. Usually I would have the hardest time getting to sleep, always tossing and turning and lying in bed thinking about EVERYTHING (some people say that’s just being a female). It would take me about 3 or so hours to get to sleep and once I was asleep I would probably wake up about 3 or 4 times, by morning it would feel as though I hadn’t gotten any sleep at all. Since my new diet and incorporating magnesium into my diet I’ve managed to get a more decent, deeper sleep, managing to fall asleep within 30 minutes of lying down and only waking up one early in the morning. I was hoping that now I’m sleeping better Luke would let me forget about drinking my Vital greens in the morning, but after seeing him the second time for my Biosignature Assessment I noticed he didn’t change it. So yes, I’m still drinking my dirty sock water every morning.

After my second Biosignature Assessment I weight in pretty much the same as my first however I dropped a bit of fat in my priority areas (calves and quads) and increased a little in muscle mass. Luke suggested that I step up into the ‘WFF figure class’ rather than doing the ‘sports model’ class. I was actually pleased with Luke’s decision as it was what I originally wanted to do but just having someone confirm it was enough to make me go ahead with it! However I did whinge to Luke that I’ve never done any posing before and lucky for me Luke knows everyone because within the hour the lovely Wendy Liv Jones was there to teach me. I do feel sorry for Wendy just a little as I am pretty uncoordinated when it comes to things like this, especially trying to be graceful at the same time. Lucky she knows what she’s doingJ. My first posing lesson 13 weeks out is shown in the photos.

My training at this stage still hasn’t changed; I’m still focusing on lifting as heavy as I can without sacrificing good form! I’m actually excited to start my high intensity training as I do get bored easily and love to change my training. I also love noticing the difference in my figure once I start high intensity training.

My next blog isn’t too far away so don’t go too far ;)


EmJ xx