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2 weeks out and the final week


Well lately I’ve been so busy that I can barely keep up with anything. I’ve been going a hundred miles an hours trying to get my head around organising everything for the comp, training, fitting in a long-overdue haircut, I also managed to crack the screen on my Iphone and run into the back of someone else’s car. Oops! Obviously getting my newly cut hair out of my eyes and thinking too much about my comp is more important than putting the brakes on to stop in traffic. Anyway after getting abused for being a ‘bum silly blonde’ the guy I ran into managed to drive away with the tiniest scratch on his perfectly kept old school MG. My bad!

Besides from putting a ding in someone else’s car, starting a new job is also keeping me busy so time in the gym this week has been a little bit rushed especially when I’m trying to fit in cardio as well as weights!

Once again my posing is coming along SLOWLY! I must say I’m definitely not the most talented or graceful poser but I’ll do my best on the day. Jo Rogers has been a huge help and I can’t thank her enough for putting up with me being so analytical about absolutely EVERY pose! I just think too much about everything when I’m trying to do one pose and its definitely not doing me any justice. Poor Jo, J

If anyone wondering about my bikini, well that’s a long story too. After sending it back once to the states to get turned into a figure suit I then had to take it to another lady to fix after it came back because it didn’t fit. It’s still getting altered at the moment so fingers crossed it will be ok.

I haven’t practiced my routine as much as I hoped and even though I remind myself to get my music sorted and practice every day, I still forget and it doesn’t get done L

The final week:

After another Biosignature assessment I am now at 58.4kg and 7% body fat and coach McNally says that I am apparently still putting on muscle. I’m happy with that! I didn’t think I would be this low in bf with a week to go so it’s definitely a relief!

I also went to pick up my bikini on Sunday and had major wardrobe disasters! My suit was too big and looked absolutely ridiculous because I’ve shrunk. So that was a complete waste of time and money and added stress and disappointment that I didn’t need this week. Lucky for me the lovely Lyn from Body Shaping Basics was able to finish a sample bikini of hers for me to wear and saved the day J So instead of wearing a bright lime green suit, I’m now wearing a silver and purple suit. It goes to show that no matter how organised you think you might be, things can still pop up and bite you in the bum!

After my reefed day at the end of last week, my weight went up a little so this week I’ve had to add in three no-fat days again to bring my weight down. The first non-fat day was fine; I had a massive day and still managed to increase my weights when I was training legs and get out two decent cardio sessions which was surprising. I’m nearly at the end of day two with no fats and feeling it a little bit, especially working the late afternoon shift I’m a bit sleepy! I’ve got one more day of no fats and then Friday is my carb loading day before the show, however it will just be rice and sweet potato so nothing too exciting! The no-fat days are hard and draining… Call me weird but I actually love the mental challenge of it all, I love being strict and I love pushing myself in order to achieve great results.

I’ve only just put my music together for my routine, and I still haven’t practiced as much as I hoped. So hopefully on the day I’ll be able to get up on stage with confidence and perform it…without falling over

I’m so excited but ’m so nervous at the same time, even the thought of getting up on that stage is giving me butterflies. If anyone is willing to share their confidence with me this week then share away, I’ll need all I can get ;)