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5 Ways to Break a Plateau

If you find yourself in a plateau it could be due to a number of reasons, go through this list in order until you reach a solution and break out of the rut!

1.Failing to plan is a plan to fail!
-Make sure you have a goal (short and long term) that is “SMART” (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time calculable).
-Record all your sessions and ensure you’re on track with progress.
-Reaching smaller targets will give you the motivation to knock over the big hurdles! Plodding along will just make you feel inadequate when you’re not reaching your goals.

2.Try Something New!
-Changing up your program with some new strategies to shock your body into changing could be as simple as taking a planned week off the gym, getting more sleep, adding in different styles of training such as: supersets, drop sets, overload method, HIIT or modifying your diet etc.

3.Get to the core of the problem
-What is stopping you from reaching your goals? If it’s not your consistency, execution or style of training/diet you may need to seek advice in case of an internal issue (E.g. digestive, liver, mental) preventing all the hard efforts being conveyed to results.

4.Get a friend involved!
-Support each other and make training something you can enjoy (not a chore).
-This can motivate you to turn up to every session and become a friendly competition to see who can achieve results the fastest.
-Talk to each other about methods that best work for one another and combine ideas for the perfect session.

5.Never Give up!!