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7-6 Weeks Out


After having two weeks break from my internship and the draining efforts to teach high school students when none of them want to actually learn L I managed to catch up on some sleep, fit in some awesome weight sessions and do cardio twice a day. I managed to do a little bit of practice with my routine but not a great deal.

After my last Biosignature assessment with McNally, he decided to add in an hour of cardio per week so I’m now doing cardio 7 days a week (was previously doing 5). I’m now waking up early in the morning and doing 30 minutes of cardio then weights in the afternoon followed by another 30 minutes of cardio plus 30 minutes of cardio on both days on the weekend.

My diet for the last couple of weeks has been 130grams of lean meat with about 200grams of green salad or green vegies for most meals. I’ve been adding small amounts of avocado or extra virgin olive oil to my second and fourth meal of the day to incorporate essential fatty acids into my diet. I have also been using coconut oil with every third meal so that I’m incorporating medium-chain triglycerides into my diet, this helps to stimulate thermogenesis (the process where your body produces heat by increased burning of fat). On such a low carbs diet like mine it is important that I get energy from somewhere therefore I utilise fats a fuel source. I am still having my meat (alternating between kangaroo, beef or lamb) and nut breakfast with a few blueberries in the morning and surprisingly after 9 weeks I’m STILL loving it! The supplement I’m using at the moment also hasn’t changed from my previous blogs. I am also having a reefed meal every 5 or so days that consists of a piece of fruit and brown rice added to my total daily intake.


At my last Biosignature assessment with McNally (8 weeks out) I was sitting at around 62.8kg with just over 11% body fat. Leading up to my current assessment I was nervous to see McNally’s response because I hadn’t lost any weight even though I was feeling the leanest I have ever been before. My results for my body fat % where around 10.8% at 62.8kg. Unfortunately for me I lost body fat in all areas EXCEPT my calves… ????? WHAT THE? I didn’t even think this was possible. If it weren’t for my fat calves I would be down to 10% bf. This made sense as to why I was feeling the leanest I’ve ever felt because I actually was looking fat everywhere else - I was so excited the other morning when I started seeing more definition in my quads, I was like a little girl getting something sparkly given to her, I had a smile from ear to ear and couldn’t stop jumping around haha (my excited response obviously proves how hard it is for me to get definition in my legs - I really struggle with my legs and it’s the body part I need to train the hardest, like most women I guess.. damn estrogen).

Anyway we narrowed my increase in bf in my calves down to lack of sleep which was probably because I started back teaching - waking up at 5 to do cardio and not getting home until around 830 some nights after weights/cardio and doing my lesson plans/organising afterwards I just wasn’t getting to be until around 1030 ish. I was still getting a great sleep but just lacked in the amount of total sleep I was getting in one night. L

After my assessment with Luke he decided that my food intake needed to come down so I am now having 100g or protein with most meals instead of 130g. Hopefully we will start to see some more results after the change in food intake.

I’ve been asked by a few ladies to add in an example my diet at this current stage so here it is…

Before cardio: Vital greens with a source of fibre and L-Carnitine.

Meal 1: 100g of kangaroo, 50-100g blueberries, 20g raw macadamias

Meal 2: 100g of white fish, 100-200g of green salad (preferably baby spinach and cucumber) ¼ avocado 

Meal 3:
 130g of lean meat (alternating chicken, beef, lamb, turkey), 200g of green vegies (broccoli is my favourite), 1tblespoon of coconut oil

Meal 4: 100g chicken with 100-200g of green salad with either avocado or extra virgin olive oil 

Post-workout shake:
 WPI, 30g (maltodextrin/dextrose), glycine, glutamine and vital greens

Meal 5: 130g of lean meat (meat cooked in organic butter), 200g of green vegies

Posing is still a tricky one; so I’ve decided to go to Jo Rogers this week to get some help and advice so hopefully she will be able to sort me out. Other than that and the fact that I have fat calves (so strange) everything else is going really smoothly. My energy is through the roof, my training is going awesome and I am still not having cravings for junk food or carbs. I can even manage to make my man desert almost every night and amazing breakfasts and not get the urge to eat it… determined? Hell yes!

EmJ xxx