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Are You Thinking ‘Skinny’ or ‘Realistic’?

In a world full of superficial views and adverse thoughts of health and what constitutes a healthy body this leads me into a discussion related to the ‘ideal’ body weight in regards to women.

A person’s perspective in regards to ‘body image’ has been and will continue to be a part of our growing society. Over the past decade the biggest uproar with this topic is in regards to ‘skinny’ women, is it right? Or is it wrong? Most of us are aware that people striving for that ‘skinny look’ are not settings realistic or measureable goals. This over-exercising along with malnutrition can lead to a depressed state and can intern have harmful effects on the body.

We all know trends can change just as much as we change our underwear and this also goes for the idealistic view that society or we as individuals have on the female body. Nowadays some women are still believed to be pressured to have that ‘skinny’ look, however I have noticed the switch from this ‘skinny’ trend towards the more ‘fit & healthy’ trend. This shift is strongly merging onto the scenes and I am loving it! I mean without a healthy body, how we expect to reach our full potential in everyday life? And without our health what value does anything else really have?

So you could say that I’m overwhelmed and excited to see that more and more women of all ages are experiencing that new zest for life through exercise, learning how to take care of their bodies, and fueling their bodies with nutritious foods in order to get the best out of their workouts or even there general every day duties.

Assuming every reader has Facebook, I’m sure most of you have come across the women in the white tank top and red briefs stating that “strong is the new skinny”. As a health and fitness advocate I am all for it! I love the fact that there is becoming more motivation and inspirational media for women to get that ambiance and drive for a fitter, healthier body.

For people that aren’t aware, a fit, healthy body contributes to the following:

  • Full body health
  • Everyday strength
  • Physical confidence/rewards
  • No more starvation
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved immune system

Not only does a fit, healthy body contribute to a healthy physical state, it also entails psychological benefits and can lower depression and anxiety. Being physically active assists the body in having a balanced lifestyle mentally and socially.

Now, looking back at the ‘ideal’ skinny body, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and accept inevitable truths that we can all be faced with in the world today! There may always be those magazines with the ‘skinny’ models on the front page, size 4 runway models, fake breasted women with tiny waistlines, and that one girl who has always been skinnier than you. The important thing to remember is how you respond to this and how you will overcome this to be a better, healthier person.

I’m not saying that we all have to live on a strict healthy diet of chicken and broccoli, make the gym our second home, or even fight the guys in the gym for their weights, I’m simply pointing out the obvious reasons as to why people choose to live healthy active lives, because believe me or not there ARE people that just don’t ‘get it’. This article is merely suggesting that leading a healthy lifestyle can be a measureable and realistic goal unlike that of someone seeking a skinny unrealistic body type.

So, it’s up to you… are you going to think skinny? Or are you going to think realistic?