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Ashleigh Reid .. A little blog

Preparing your mind body and soul before... and AFTER the show!!

Dear all the gorgeous girls and Handsome guys on their hardcore food prep, 5am cardio calls ,chipping and defining away at your amazing bodies you have created and prepared for comp time...

I'm here to remind you that looking after your body post comp is just as important as How you train and sculpture your body before the comp!

My name is Ashleigh Reid I'm 21 years old and ALWAYS about 2 weeks out of show shape .
I'm here to share with you why!!...

We all have goals, dreams and deadlines!.

Competitions and sports modeling have become alot more common these days and so have eating disorders!

Many of you are dieting to the extreme to create that "perfect " body.. Cutting out fruits, certain vegetables, and other food sources I believe are healthy in everyday life...

sports models should be able to maintain a healthy,fit and athletic body shape all year round.
NOT diet like crazy for the stage!

Hardcore diets makes living a normal,healthy lifestyle so much harder, and eating healthy nutritious food like an apple can leave you feeling guilty!! 
Which is not normal!

I have many friends and have many women contact me with how they feel about their bodies after they do their shows . Ask me how I stay so lean and how I do this all year round..Well it's no secret! 
I love what I do! 
Training for me is a stress release, my "me time," I do it because i love it not because it's a chore ! 
Food wise, I eat clean!...
Lots of healthy food , I don't drink alcohol, I drink plenty of water and I treat my body when I feel like it! Another tip ...
Weighing yourself messes with you emotions and your head! Get rid of those scales !!!!

I'm a big believer in loving yourself and the life you live !
Ask yourself if you don't love it Why are you doing it!

I don't DIET I eat clean, I don't HAVE to do exercise I choose to! I work for a company who value a healthy life style ( Lorna Jane) move nourish believe.....
Those three words really sum it up!

For you girls and guys doing shows for the first time this year enjoy! 
Your already a winner as soon as you enter! A self accomplishment! And remember if you live your life eating healthy, and training hard you never have to have to use the word DIET in your vocabulary and you will be show ready all year round too!!

If all you readers are thinking of doing A upcoming show I recommend doing so !! Not only do you meet the most amazing people, but you get to get up on a stage and go "look at me"!!
Love the skin your in!!

Ashleigh Reid xx