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Be a Fit Mummy…..NO EXCUSES!!!

I get asked the same questions followed by the same excuses almost every day from a lot of the beautiful women that cross my path. I’m often asked how I stay looking so fit, and people often assume I am a lot younger than I am and have not had a child. They are always surprised to find out I am about to turn 40, and have a 10 year old daughter and am just like them in most ways.

I work full time, as well as trying to raise my daughter to the best of my ability and keep a house looking semi decent! There’s my patient partner, friends and family that I manage to spend some quality time with whenever possible. There’s a dog that doesn’t get walked nearly as often as he should…poor Alfie! And then there’s my training, food preparation and everything that comes along with building a body and competing! I truly believe if there were 48 hours in a day, I still wouldn’t have time to accomplish everything I need to. But, miraculously, somehow all the important stuff gets done, and I manage to get to bed at a decent hour every night and sleep so my body can grow…( It helps that I have an awesome man in my life who loves cleaning up after me in the kitchen!)

There is just one difference between these women I meet and myself…I have made the CHOICE to become a fitter, healthier and therefore happier and more energetic version of my former self. Not just for a season either…but for life. This new existence that I live has become my lifestyle, not just a passing phase until I get bored with it. It wouldn’t be possible for me to ever be bored with being healthy, happy and feeling, well, sexier than I ever have!...hehehe.

I was always a good Mum, but I am now a great Mum since making this choice, as I have now become a healthy, focussed and committed role model that my daughter can be proud of. I am arming her with the right tools now so that she too can learn to live a long, fit and healthy adult life.

I want to inspire other Mums to do the same. Being 40 or older and a busy Mum is NOT an excuse to let your own mind and body’s needs fall by the wayside. If anything these are the two perfect reasons to make the choice to change and be all of the amazing things I have mentioned! Why wouldn’t we, as mothers, want to have more energy, look and feel more attractive for our own confidence and self esteem? (It’s not all about looking good for our partners)

The most important key to making this happen is definitely organisation.

Twice a week I cook for a few hours and prepare all my meals (except for breakfast and dinner) for the following 3 to 4 days. This way, before work every morning I just grab a few containers from the freezer and pack my esky to take to work…yes, Esky, lol! I eat a clean high protein meal every two and a half hours to keep my metabolism ticking over and my muscles growing. I eat my breakfast and evening meals cooked fresh with my family. School lunches are also packed the night before to avoid morning stress!

When it comes to training there is only one time of day that that is going to happen…4.30am! Yep…while the rest of the household is fast asleep, I am up and getting ready to go and do cardio on the beachfront and then head to the gym for my heavy weights session, 5 days a week. The only day this differs is the day I do legs with my trainer, Logan Robson, which is on one of my days off! Back home by 7am to get Lucca Bella up and ready for school by 8am so that I can be at work by 8.30am. Busy, but by then I feel so alive from being out in the fresh air and strong and energised from my gym workout that I am more than ready to take on a full day of work. I try to keep evenings free from training for Family time, homework, chill time and food prep. On weekends, one day is kept free for complete rest, not always possible, but it’s always the plan!

I admit, that most mornings, especially now as it gets cooler, it would be so tempting to stay under the doona and drift back to sleep after that alarm goes off at 4.30am, and occasionally I do! I am definitely not perfect, lol! But once I am up and moving, I am always so happy that I am…it’s not only the time of day I work hard on my body, but it’s also the time of day I have completely to myself to think and focus wholly on me. I love it, and wouldn’t live my life any other way now. The positives for myself and my family far outweigh the negatives…this is my life and I want it to be a long one!

NO EXCUSES Mummies ;)

Xx Angie