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I have tried many fat burners and high-stimulant pre-workouts.

But... I'm not a big fan of feeling overly energetic, with my heart beating out of my chest, so I lean more toward lower caffeine thermogenics, just to make me sweat and burn fat faster.

My favourite would have to be ProSupps Green Apple DNPX. I have never felt sooo good on any fat burner before, during and after a workout. It gives me massive highs with zero crash and tastes amazing. It does contain higher levels of L-carnitine, which burns stubborn fat, but I also like to take L-carnitine on its own during the day and before bed for better results.

As I am a very active person and love any type of exercise, I tend to use fat burners daily and love that DNPX makes me feel automatically positive with zero crash, so it's safe to use daily without that regretful after workout down time.

Balancing the Matrix… or is it Matrices?

One review I read praised ProSupps' balanced approach to the five matrices:

  1. The Caffeine Matrix - including anhydrous and slow-release caffeine

  2. The I-Matrix - a potent stimulant blend

  3. The T-Matrix - the fat burners!

  4. The Carnitine Matrix - fatty acid transport molecules

  5. The F-Matrix - mood modulators

Basically, DNPX is packed full of the ingredients you need for weight loss. The big dose of stimulants boosts energy, suppresses appetite and sharpens your focus, while the ingredients in the T-Matrix and the three types of carnitine go after fat like only they can (by reducing the absorption of fats, boosting the metabolic rate, and preventing fat storage). The T-Matrix is pretty much a miracle product in itself, and I can’t think of any other weight loss products that can match the all-star lineup of fat-fighting ingredients that DNPX features.

Last but not least, I think it’s very important for everyone to understand their bodies and enjoy bettering themselves, inside and out. I like to keep a healthy, happy and active lifestyle and with the right supplements and enjoyable exercise routine, leading to noticeable results, motivation grows and soon becomes a healthy addiction.