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7 ways Caffeine Boosts Performance



1) Improved microcirculation – caffeine has been shown to increase the delivery of oxygen to, and the removal of, waste products from your muscles. More oxygen means more energy for exercise and longer, more productive workouts.


2) Lowered perceived pain – exercise can hurt, but caffeine reduces pain perception. This will allow you to exercise longer and harder, especially for those days attempting 1RM’s.


3) Increased fat cell mobility – the more mobile your fat cells are, the more easily they can be used for energy. Caffeine makes your fat cells more mobile and therefore enhances fat oxidation. This means more energy and faster weight loss.


4) Increased focus – high levels of physical performance are often dependent on high levels of mental focus. Caffeine helps boost mental focus which can help improve determination, concentration, aggression, and movement accuracy even when fatigued.


5) More energy – if you feel tired and sluggish, a jolt of caffeine can often lift you out of that slump so you can have a good workout even if 15-minutes ago, you felt like skipping training altogether. This stimulating, energizing effect is achieved without the need for lots of calories and is why most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine.