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Chronic & Adrenal Fatigue

This blog was really hard for me to write, I have been hiding behind my bubbly personality not letting anyone know that I have been suffering. I was too worried about not competing, my sponsorships, clients, modelling work and body image. 
After reading Ellena Reidie’s latest article about her struggles with adrenal fatigue I decided I would share my story too. I want health to be a priority in the mind of everyone before “aesthetics.” 

“It must just be my hard training and diet making me tired…ill just suck it up and push harder”  

After INBA universe last October I only had a few weeks off before beginning prep for FIT X. This prep was different, I wasn’t seeing results and I was doing a similar if not harder program than last comps. I started getting frustrated so pulled the calories even further and added in extra sessions just to stay on track. Only 2 weeks out from the comp I was under 10% bodyfat and although I looked ready to compete I didn’t feel it and ended up in hospital with symptoms none of the doctors could work out. After being released 4 days later with no real answers to why I was unable to function properly I decided to pull out of the comp and really work on getting healthy and find out answers.


“Several blood tests, scans and specialist visits later…”

It wasn’t until July this year that I finally started getting some kind of answers. My blood tests had come back with glandular fever, underacting thyroid, severe fatigue, muscle degeneration, low vitamin b levels etc. The most frustrating part was these results were very similar to previous blood tests back in October, yet none of the doctors had picked up on it, which had caused severe immune and liver dysfunction by not having the symptoms treated and over training.

I finally found a doctor that understood the industry and had some insight as the frustration got worse seeing my body fluctuate back and forth from very underweight to feeling heavier than comfortable, cancelling clients to sleep during the day, having breakouts and generally feeling like crap.

Once a week on a drip, having injections, eating clean, using vitamins/supplements and only doing weights (no cardio) I’m recovering and know that Ill be back better than ever!

Always take the positives!

Sometimes I get emotional and think “why me! I eat clean, I train well, I don’t drink or do drugs”, but if this didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t have been able to help any of the struggling woman that I have been helping the past few months with similar issues, I wouldn’t know my body as well as I know it now, I wouldn’t be creating some amazing lean muscle and strength just doing weights and most importantly I wouldn’t have been focusing on health with my clients as much as goal – if your insides aren’t working your outside will suffer!

I worked with a Chinese medicine guru and other fitness leaders in the industry and came up with a 10 day detox that verified improving your insides shows on the outside – skin, weight loss, energy etc…over 50 of my clients completed it with amazing results.

Stop comparing yourself!

It has taken me almost up until now to relax and just think about my health and my clients and NOT competing this year. The mind is a funny thing, I now think of positive things, plan out realistic goals and focus on my health and others. I had to stop thinking about not looking in comp condition, looking at the Olympia and hating on myself. If your doing everything you can do to be the best you can, you don’t have excuses. I know I’m taking the right path to getting better and will be back on stage in my best shape yet. And to be perfectly honest with myself, I’m really not doing too bad ;) 

Shout outs:

Massive thank you to my Mass Nutrition family who stick by me and support me even though I’m not on stage. Special thanks to Luke Mcnally who has helped me discover my intolerances, help with my nutrition/supplementation and put up with me while he prepped for NABBA worlds!

As well, my boyfriend who keeps reminding me I will always reach my goals, no matter what gets in my way or how long it takes.

Also Xavier Wills who has also suffered the past few months and has been an amazing friend to me. So excited to be doing interviews with him for RX Muscle this weekend at the IFBB – keep an eye out for the videos!

I will definitely keep everyone in the loop with my progress and keep writing informative/motivational articles for you to read for your own goals J

Please feel free to email me or Inbox me on Facebook id love to hear from you Xx

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