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CUT OUT’S to get “CUT” (and healthy)

1. Sugar

An obvious one, but it works! If you have had a professionally programed diet made for you this shouldn’t be a problem as the foods should be fresh foods. If doing it out on your own start by ditching the processed foods and eating clean, healthy and fresh!

2. Sweeteners

We have all heard the claims, zero calories, no carbs, no fat! But what are we really eating or drinking and how is it affecting us? Some ingredients are already banned in many countries with evidence of causing headaches, tumours and cancer! Sweeteners can still stimulate your insulin levels causing weight gain (which is why most people would be choosing this option in the first place). The conclusion? Don’t risk it…stick to water and fresh foods!

3. Starch

Starchy foods such as white bread are “refined” and have little nutritional value and fibre to offer. Not only would you be better off eating something more fibrous and that offers more nutrients with fewer calories, but starch also leaves you feeling unsatisfied and craving for more food. More food, means more calories, more calories can lead to weight gain! Stick to fresh, less starchy foods to feel healthier and fuller for longer

4. Sauces

“Hidden calories”, not to mention sodium overload. We often don’t take into consideration the fat and carb content found in what we think is just a little supplement to our meal, in many cases is higher in sugar and salt than our entire meal. Ditch the bottled or canned sauces and opt for something home made as a alternative. “Miss girls” like to blend their green vegies and sweet potato to put over their chicken breast as a sauce – the trick is to incorporate the calories and nutrition your wanting for a meal!

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