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Cyborg: Ultra Leaan Protein

Ultra leaan? More like Ultra yummy! Cyborg Sport has developed a protein drink for pre, intra and post workout. This protein blend has essential amino acids for recovery and performance. If you don’t like drinking water during your workouts, then I suggest having Ultra Lean Protein by your side. When working out it’s always important to stay hydrated, so why not hydrate yourself with a delicious protein that won’t leave you feeling full.

Ultra Leaan is perfect for people who experience problems digesting protein powders, because it has no fats, no carbs, no lactose, no sugars and no diary contents. It makes it that much easier to still engage in the supplement world without irritating your intolerances. If you feel heavy and sick after your regular protein shakes, then I recommend trying Ultra Leaan protein. It’s a protein that is specifically designed to make your body feel empowered.

According to Cyborg it works 5x faster than normal whey protein. With nine essential amino acids in every serving, as soon as you consume this protein it’s already working to repair your body.

Over the last four weeks I have been drinking Ultra Leaan during my workouts and have found my body is responding well to the ingredients, because I have many intolerances. My stomach doesn’t feel bloated and I don’t feel sick. Wild raspberry tastes exactly like red cordial you buy at your local supermarket, minus all the nasties.

If wild raspberry isn’t your flavour, you can choose from:

  • Fresh Pineapple
  • Lemon Lime
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Sweet Passion fruit

Bikini models and bodybuilders will benefit from this protein because there are only 20 calories in a 5g serving as opposed to over 100 calories in a 25g serving, if you calculate that, it saves you an unnecessary 80 calories.

Cyborg Sport claims to be the ‘best-of-the-best’; results can be expected within one week if taken consistently.

This magical protein comes in two sizes:

  • 60 serves for $74.95
  • 90 serves for $99.95

To start looking leaaner get your hands on Cyborg Sport Ultra Lean at your nearest Mass Nutrition store and have your supplement needs managed. You can expect personalised advice for your fitness goals.


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