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Going Paleo

You may have already ready this already over at my fan page, but I’m excited so I’m going to say it again and we humans are simple creatures so a little repetition never hurt …hypertrophy anyone? ;)

So, last night whilst salivating over the pan cooking my tender Kangaroo Steaks for dinner and the following days meals (medium rare, still pink, melt in your mouth…mmmm so good!) and gathering an assortment of nuts, I remember saying to myself, “This is so damn good, I can’t wait to eat this!" Meat and Nuts. Seriously, what could be better?

"I really should have been born a Carnivore…!”

Then it dawned on me.

We are Carnivores? Okay so it turns out that we’re actually Omnivores; I’ll let you know now I am prone to the odd Blonde moment, but according to Google’s definition of an Omnivore, this may explain some of our common day dietary problems! ‘Somebody who has wide ranging and often undiscriminating interests or tastes’…hrmm you want Fries with that? Guys, no we don’t want those greasy chips! Our bodies were made centuries ago to THRIVE and SURVIVE on what nature gave us – organic meats, proteins and fats…hold the fries! It makes sense doesn’t it? Paleo, Keto, Caveman, Meat and Nut diet, call it what you want…it’s simple, its real and its damn good!

Quite often people look on in disgust when they spot you eating meal 4 of chicken and god forbid a cucumber, “...a what!??” they say! “Why don’t you eat some real food?” Well I’m pretty sure that we are the one’s eating real food here.

Anyway that touches on a whole different topic that makes me really angry so I’ll leave that for now.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ll be following a type of Paleo diet through my prep this year, under the massive wing (span) of Luke McNally and Mass Nutrition Australia. Am I excited??! OMG YES!

After my Biosignature Assessment (which I cannot recommend highly enough), I’ve received my diet and recommended Poliquin Supplements based on my individual hormonal results. Think of the assessment as a blueprint to how best lose fat / make lean quality gains for your body. Yea not bad hey?

It hasn’t even been 24hours yet and I really do feel a whole lot better! If you serious about your body, your sports, looking great or your health in general and want to ensure you are operating all levels a la Optimus Prime, chat to Luke and get your assessment done. It’s worth its weight in gold!

One thing about the whole comp process that continually amazes me is our mind. Whilst I follow a very Paleo inspired healthy diet all year round – very much a creature of a habit I eat the same thing every meal every day, (give or take some chocolate and a few whole jars of peanut butter in there for balance)…but I love it! The funny thing is though, as soon as I met with Luke and got that piece of paper with my new diet plan, there’s a little tiny switch in my mind that instantly changes. I can feel it. I don’t know what it is about that little white square of paper, maybe it’s laced with some kind of magic dust but I know I’m not the only one whose mind goes into steadfast comp prep mode as soon as the decision has been made. It’s like an iron trap…so bring on the steaks, nuts and organic butter!

The next 15 weeks will be interesting to say the least. I haven’t used Paleo in a prep before so I am excited to give this a go and see how it works. Having altered my training to help make some gains since last year and with the support from Team Mass, I will compete in the WFF at the upcoming NABBA Southern Hemisphere show. I come in very hard and dry which is more WFF than IFBB so I thought I’d give it a go. The Southerns are always a great show so I’m super excited to get there, the figure routine though……well, that scares the SHiT out of me! I have about as much grace as a blind elephant on stilts let alone depleted and dehydrated in 6”stripper heels, G-string bikini and blinded by stage lights….hang on? What are we talking about here…? ;)

This is the beginning of my journey with Team MASS 2012 – to whom I want to express a MASSive THANK YOU.

So without a further ado ladies and gentlemen…


MASS Out. Xx