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Misinterpretation of Calorie Expenditure

Most people are aware and have a basic understanding of the calorie expenditure formula or chart. Calorie expenditure refers to the amount of calories you consume in a day in comparison to the amount of calories you burn in a day. With reference to this formula, we understand that for effective weight loss, the calories in or consumed need to be lower than the calories out or burnt. Taking into consideration that the body also burns calories throughout the day performing necessary functions, known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Sadly, this calorie expenditure formula is most commonly misinterpreted, taken to extremes and misused by so many women.

As a society that thrives on the quickest and easiest formula for weight loss one would assume that consuming an extremely low amount of calories and burning an extremely high amount of calories will result in a higher calorie expenditure each day. Therefore, weight loss would be accelerated and more sustainable at this high rate of expenditure.  Unfortunately, it is not that simple and this severe practise will have a detrimental effect on your weight loss results and general health. If you are severely limiting your calories and trying to burn an excessive amount of calories each a day, STOP RIGHT NOW! The human body has out smarted you once again!

Limiting your calories to an unhealthy level and doing excessive amounts of exercise sends the body into survival mode and stores calories. This extreme behaviour will result in your metabolism slowing down so that your body has the necessary fuel to continue to function, which is exactly the opposite effect required for weight loss.  The side effects of not consuming the right amount of calories each day can result in malnutrition, digestive problems, heart problems, anomia and not to mention limited brain function. The side effects of excessive exercising can also be severe. Excessive exercising can lead to dehydration, fatigue, insomnia, depression, muscular atrophy, skeletal injuries such as shin splints, bone fractures, arthritis, cartilage and ligament damage, anxiety and menstrual problems.

Of course with anything in life there is an opposite extreme, which is the over consumption of calories and limited calorie expenditure resulting in weight gain. It all comes down to finding the perfect healthy balance of calories in and calories out for ultimate fat burning and perfect health. Ensure you are consuming an adequate amount of nutritious macronutrients, vitamins and minerals every two to three hours to keep your metabolism firing and your body functioning to its full potential. Follow a healthy nutrition and training regime with consistency, drink water, be kind to your body and the rewards will come!