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Natika's New Blog

So here we are again…

I’ve actually been staring at the computer screen for a very long time, drawing a blank at what to write this time. Basically, everything is pretty good!

Training is still going really well. Best ever actually! No two weeks are the same and I’ve thrown in a lot of Volume work, mixing it up between intense heavy sets, no rest supersets, and a random Giant Session here and there. My main focus is Shoulder, Back and Leg days and I am starting to see some noticeable changes pretty quickly. The intensity of my workouts is at an all time high and I’m loving it.

Cardio wise, well honestly it feels like I am not doing any! For someone that killed myself doing 3+ hours of cardio a day like a demon with a death wise, it’s a bit..well, weird! But I think I have gotten used to the idea! At present I just ride Voodoo (that’s my bike) to and from work which takes 20-35mins depending on Thunderstorms, Hurricanes, Flash Flooding or how many cop cars I’m playing “Catch Me if you Can” with..It is quite a thrill! Although, with an extra 10+kg strapped to your back it’s not exactly pleasant! I am definitely having words with the weather man when I get a chance. While I’m at it, the GCCC needs to be added to the hit list, driving on the roads around here is bad, but try it on a Fixie! Rollercoaster from Hell!

In my last blog, I mentioned the abundance of little white bottles I walked away with from my previous consult with McNally…I’ve always been a bit slack, and sceptical of popping vitamin pills, thinking what can a tablet really do anyway? Regardless, I nodded and smiled and swallowed away……56 pills a day.

WHAT??!! Yes I triple checked that, and picked my own jaw up from the floor.

My list includes, taken as directed at various quantities and times each day…

  • HCI (Betaine hydrochloric acid) - Check out the link on Charles Poliquin’s webiste for a great article on this supplement. The HCI Acid Test is something really worth doing
  • Zinc –immunity and protein synthesis
  • Multi Intense – multi vitamin, should be part of everybody’s daily ammunition.
  • Vitamin D3 Excellence – immunity, physical performance and strength, weight loss… according to Poliquin, it’s the greatest discovery in functional medicine!
  • Calcium D Glucarate – cellular detoxifier. Supports eliminations of estrogens and other toxins and supports hormonal balance. Excellent for females!
  • DIM – (Diindolylmethane) promotes effective estrogen metabolism and healthy hormonal balance.
  • Fish Oils – source of Omega 3 EFA. Ee all should know about these by now! If not, just do it anyway.
  • Magnesium plus L-Trpytophan – I am deficient in Magnesium and this helps me fall asleep easily and wake up fresh
  • Inositol Powder– important in the function of Serotonin and mood stabilisation….probably explains why I’ve been a bit moody since I ran out of this! Haha
  • Topical Magnesium Sulfate – Magnesium cream that helps with sleep.

(I also take CLA x3 a day which isn’t on the McNally Prescription List, but something I like to include so that makes it 59 colourful pills a day!) I actually used to be fearful of swallowing tablets when I was little kid, I have vividly horrible memories of my dad forcing me to eat Horseradish and Garlic tablets that were the size of a small grasshopper and I would be dry retching all over the place and crying! Tough love in my family…

But all this supplementation definitely has my tick of approval. As already mentioned, I’ve never felt better and overall energy has been higher than normal, especially through the beginning phases of a diet. Well, that was until I started to run out of these magic little pills..oh no!

Since running out of Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin D Glucarate, HCI, and the Inositol powder I have found my energy levels to have dropped dramatically. It was quite suprising! Over the past week I had also found myself starting to get a bit angry (I do kind of like this sometimes) and moody and at times I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror! Through the day, I have military like disciple when it comes to sticking to a diet plan and when I have a goal, there is not much that can deter me mentally, however the past week has actually been a bit of a struggle…. a few unwanted cravings and weaknesses sprung up on me come moonlight that I may or may not have known someone to have given into. But really, an entire 370g jar of crunchy peanut butter with a spoon in no more than 10mins is something to be proud of I say! Hypothetically speaking of course.

Needless to say this person’s metabolism sky rocked the following week! Considering everything had been so good, I’ve put it down to fatigue, and the deficiencies coming back since I had run out of my magic Poliquin Pills. Lesson 1: Never run out of supps!

I also did a mini experiment on myself and stopped using the Topical Magnesium cream (which I apply behind my knees before bed) to see if it really did work. That very night I tossed and turned and woke up repeatedly. As soon as I started using it again, slept like a baby. If did wake up, just rub a bit more on and out like a light! I had almost forgot what sleep was. I’ve gone from 2-3 hours broken rest to only waking up once maybe twice through the night. Come 5.30am I am fully rested and ready for the day. It’s nothing short of a miracle. My advice to anyone suffering from sleep deprivation, ditch all those funny tasting potions and try supplementing with Magnesium and Inositol Powder.

With all these added vitamins really making such a remarkable difference, I’m kind of thinking I must have been pretty effed up at the beginning and deficient in well, probably everything! Considering I used to live on triple doses of pre-workouts, microwaved sewer fish or tuna and lettuce, it’s probably not all that surprising! Praise the lord those days are over.

In addition to these vitamins, of a morning I wake up to a lovely glass of lemon water and a scoop of Peach Mango Body Blast with LCarnitine. Pre workout is another scoop of BodyBlast and ALC this time with added Beta Alanine and GPLC. My Intraworkout mix is a blend of my own concoction – unflavoured BCAA’s, EAA’s, LCarnitine, Beta Alanine and HMB with Raspberry diet cordial. Immediately Post Workout is 1.5 scoops of WPI with 10g Glutamine, Vitamin C powder and 3 Magnesium capsules.

I haven’t been for my fortnightly check up due to the Fit-X on last weekend but I’m still gaining muscle and have noticed a slow decrease in body fat. Not enough for my liking but I’m yet to really start much cardio so hopefully that will be amped up and the numbers will start falling. Given the fact that I am steadily gaining lean muscle (and therefore weight..i am the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life! The numbers I just saw on the scales are numbers that to be honest, well I always thought I’d rather die than hit this number! I won’t lie; it is still a bit of mind game and I may be sitting here quietly freaking out BUT I guess that’s what we lift the weights for! I am holding a lot of water at the moment but as long as the body fat is still dropping which will be determined when I see McNally next, then hopefully everything is ok. So, having said this, I am really having to rethink my comp plans as I am definitely no longer in range to make the WFF class for my height. This leaves me with a few options for the year..some of which are a bit scary… but I’m not going to divulge them just yet, you’ll have to stay tuned!