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New Year, New You

For a lot of us the New year is the time where we set ourselves new goals and changes for the upcoming year. A large number of these resolutions will be based around our individual health. This includes weight loss, muscle gain, healthier eating habits and being more physically active.

But why does the symbolic beginning of a new year have to be the motivation to commence a healthier lifestyle?

For the most part, I am a massive believer in making the change NOW rather than waiting for a specific date. Unfortunately, for a large percentage of those who vow to take the first step, they are often encouraged through different avenues to take a ‘first-leap’ rather than a step. Popular belief, often exacerbated by weight-loss TV programs, various Multi-Level Marketing shake-based diets and a multitude of other avenues, has us believing that if we are not losing several kilos per week, our level of effort isn’t good enough or that our methods must not be working.

Due to unrealistic expectations and incorrect advice provided by the media people are piling into business such as Mass Nutrition Townsville equipped with what they believe to be a list of products they ‘must have’ to achieve their goals. This list generally consists of excessive amounts of products worth a small fortune. In addition, the customer, more often than not, has minimal understanding of what the products do, how they work in conjunction with their new found activity level and the risks involved if taken incorrectly.   

My advice for those making the health change is the same as a coach would give a new player; practice makes perfect.

Practice incorporating your new activity and health products into your life. Start with the basics, form a habit where those products and behaviours become a part of your daily routine then, if you feel like you’d like to take the next step, move on to a more advanced behaviour. You could do this by adding additional training into your week or maybe taking a look at removing more of the processed foods out of your diet, or even advancing from your basic protein powder by adding in a good quality Greens blend, like PhytologicTM.

So we are now a couple of months into the New Year. Take a look back on how you are tracking since you started your new journey. Are you keeping to everything? Are you still exercising as much? Does your diet consist of whole fresh foods? Are you still using your supplements correctly? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these or even just want to get a better understanding to ensure you are on the right track, don’t be afraid to put your hand up. Mass Nutrition’s doors are always open


Happy Training
Phil Smith
Mass Nutrition Townsville