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Nutrition Tips for Preventing a Cold this Winter

As the weather gets colder and daylight is shorter we can be more prone to catching the flu! Just because we aren’t “shredding for stereo” or parading around in a bikini doesn’t mean we should neglect our health!

Here are a few easy ways I personally use to prevent catching a cold and keeping healthy in the winter months.


Just because the weather is not hot doesn’t mean we won’t become dehydrated from everyday activities or training. Water also helps to flush out toxins in the body and prevent over eating when we may confuse hunger for thirst. Keep a tally of how much water you are drinking per day to ensure you are reaching your optimal levels. Extra tip – Water alone may not be enough to keep us hydrated. I like to use Scivation Xtend BCAA’s which is full of electrolytes and amino acids perfect for during training and hectic workdays.


VERY IMPORTANT! Ensure you are getting enough sleep and nutritious food that reflects your daily routine and training. Without proper recovery you cannot grow, lose body fat or function efficiently. Set times for rest, just like you would for training sessions. Extra tip – I like to take magnesium before bed to relax my muscles which puts my body at rest and helps me get to sleep.

Eat Well Live well

Green leafy vegetables, lean meats, quinoa and green tea are my daily staples full of antioxidants and needed macronutrients. Cooking these foods so they are hot when you sit down to eat them can also help vaporize the nasal passages which can relieve any congestion from colds. Extra tip – It can be difficult to get in all our needed vitamins and minerals daily without exceeding calorie restrictions. I like to use some supplements to boost my immunity such as: vitamin C, B and probiotics.


All this talk of metabolic damage can often scare people from entering a gym. Here’s the good news: weight training can actually increase your immunity and of course cardio has all sorts of benefits besides just fitness too. Exercise will increase your “happy hormones” - that’s why you feel good after training! Here’s what you need to be careful of: overtraining and/or under eating have a detrimental effect on your metabolism and immunity. Ensure you have guidance from an expert about how intense and regular your training sessions are and you’re recovering with the right nutrition and enough rest for your needs.
You may be thinking these tips sound familiar and hopefully you have already incorporated most of them. These tips shouldn’t be used just to prevent a cold, you can follow them all year round for a happy healthy body!