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Training Your Weaknesses

Training your weaknesses.


Step 1: Identify Your Weaknesses

Sure, this probably sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not as easy as it might seem. Actual weaknesses are usually the easier of the two to identify. These are areas where you just stink. Like tripping over the rope repeatedly as you try to skip. Or more generally, you may struggle to break parallel and reach depth on your squat, and you have a weakness in the area of mobility.

Step 2: Pick a few to focus on

If you’re anything like me, your weakness list might be a bit long. As in 27 items long.... Yes, it can be overwhelming to look at yourself and the areas where you want to improve, but having a solid understanding of the big picture can help you to identify the baby steps you’re going to need take to get there.

Step 3: Set Goals

Setup S.M.A.R.T goals. Goal setting is a bit of an art in and of itself, but setting achievable goals is an important step in improving your weaknesses. 

Step 4: Create your plan

Now that you know you’re weaknesses, have chosen which to work on, and set goals around those areas for improvement, it’s time to formulate your plan.

Step 5: Get ‘er done!

You’ve laid all the ground work, and now it’s time to put your head down and do work! This should be the part of the process that is the most fun. Remember, show up every day.

Step 6: Retest and reassess

Once you’ve completed your goals and plan, the time is finally here to see how far you’ve come. Retest yourself and your weaknesses then reassess your next steps.